Pokemon Helios RPG is truly a spectacular RPG built to suit the needs of the users. After registration you will be able to embark on a journey to battle, trade, buy, sell, catch pokemon and compete with fellow users.
Latest news & updates
Valuable information for new users

You can find Zoudastaire on the Grass throne

You can now purchase Soul Mewtwo X & Y from the token shop! extremely Rare and powerful.

Token Pokemon cannot be found on maps.

You can capture Slithie on Flying Throne! it requires all badges to be encountered as it is rare!

Glitade and Xucario have been added to the Fairy Throne and require all badges to encounter! you can level up fast by using Madlife with two pokemon!

join Pokemon Thunder where you can find rainbow, shadow and much more Pokemon on maps! click link below!

Yveltal can be caught on Fairy Throne! Requires all badges to encounter

Token shop has been updated and rare Pokemon have been added!

Premium user benefits = 10% chance of encountering specials on maps + 10% more exp + coins after each battle

Crystal Onix has been added to the Ice Throne/Map

You can level up fast by battling madlife with two or more Pokemon in your team.
You can find Madlife by searching for him on "community" then "members"