Pokemon Helios RPG is truly a spectacular RPG built to suit the needs of the users. After registration you will be able to embark on a journey to battle, trade, buy, sell, catch pokemon and compete with fellow users.
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Valuable information for new users
Token shop has been updated with ULTRA RARE and Powerful Pokemon!

Primal Groudon and Kyogre have been added to Fire and Water Throne!

You can claim a FREE Shadow Gible! (New Members ONLY)

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Welcome, users! the following is a guide on this game, it will include many things such as how to level up fast, earn money and catch legendary Pokemon

[How to get legendary Pokemon?]
Before being able to find legendary Pokemon on thrones/maps you will firstly need to defeat and obtain ALL gym and elite four badges! Once you have obtain them all you can find legendary Pokemon on maps randomly - you can check how many badges you got by click on your profile

[How to level up fast? & earn money quickly?]
You can level up fast by click on "community" then "members" then search "Chris" and click battle. You must ensure you have 2 or more Pokemon in your team before vsing Chris - his Blissey will use self destruct - killing itself meaning, you win match by default - smart players will battle Chris several times to farm/earn a good amount of money and experience.

[What are coloured/special Pokemon?]
There are other forms including Shiny Pokemon you can obtain on Pokemon Helios RPG - These forms include Helios, Shadow, Snow, Rainbow, Possion & Halloween. Each forms has its own unique stat boost - The most RAREST forms are Helios, Halloween, Possion, Rainbow forms. - Below is an example of a Helios Arceus which is a RARE form

[Where can I find coloured/special Pokemon?]
You can find Snow, Shiny and Shadow Pokemon on any map/throne you do not need any gym badges to find special Pokemon - The chance of finding a Shiny, Snow or Shadow Pokemon on a map is 1/50 chance every step you take.

[Where can I get Helios, Halloween and Rainbow forms]

You can get Helios, Halloween, Rainbow AND even Mega Pokemon in the Collection Machine - You can ACCESS the Collection Machine by going to "Extras" and then "Collection Machine"

[Collection Machine?]
The collection machine contains RARE Pokemon which cannot be obtained on MAPS/THRONES - These Pokemon get changed once every one month and never return - You can obtain them and keep them (making it rare over time) as they NEVER get re-added - you can farm/catch certain amount of Pokemon and trade it into the collection machine for 1 specific rare Pokemon

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Pokémon Helios Opening
The collection machine is updated!
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New Pokemon added!
Snow ArceusSnow Mew